Nov 7, 2010

Steps, Day 6

Well, I finished all of my shopping at the Garden and Leisure Centre and now I'm ready for another mile and a half or so. We're going into Houghton and Wyton (pronounced Ho-ton and Wit-ton) today. They're two villages that appear as one. Let's set off down the Huntingdon Road.

Not far at all, is it? We're coming up on it now. Make sure you get a good close look at the village sign. Many of the villages have them and they're pieces of art in themselves. If I didn't take a photo of it, you can see it here. Alconbury has one and it's very pretty, too.
We're getting off Huntingdon Road and we're on The Thicket. It's an ancient road/trail that runs between the villages and some of the surrounding villages.
Check out the beautiful houses!
I may be wrong, but I think these are millworker cottages. I read a little bit about them on the website that's linked below.
Stuart House is a privately owned home. Wouldn't you LOVE to live here?
I'm looking back to see where I've come from.
Magdalene House is another very, very old house that's private owned. Look at the low windows. This house makes me think of the old cottage in Babe.
Ah, The Three Jolly Butchers. Think I will stop in here for lunch. More fish and chips? Maybe a steak pie? Roast beef? Roasted chicken? While I'm at it, I'll have a Green King ale. The brewery is in Suffolk over by Bury St. Edmunds and the village of Bardwell, which is where some of my ancestors come from. In fact, my Dad's middle name is Bardwell.

Leaving The Three Jolly Butchers, I head down The Thicket and see a couple of really cool houses on the left. I believe I also see The Green, which is the center of the village.
Gorgeous thatched roof cottage with a beautiful garden. I'd love to see it in the springtime!
Apparently that wasn't the town center yet so I'll keep on walking. These are more of the little cottages that I think the millworkers used to use. Houghton Mill is a well known mill that the National Trust owns. They do demos for folks.
More of those beautiful thatched roof cottages and barns. I love the little windy road, don't you. We're still on The Thicket.

I'm looking backwards at the cottages.
I believe we call this style of house a "saltbox." Not sure what it's called there. I love the stone wall, too.

We're getting close to the village center now. These houses are much older. Look at this one on the right. Isn't it fantastic? I'm sure this one is one mentioned in the links.
Now this one is fantastic! This is The George and Dragon, the oldest surviving house in Houghton. It was originally a yeoman farmer's house, built around the end of the fifteenth century. It's now a private house. Look at those beams! Look at how the house isn't exactly vertical any more! This house is over 600 years old. Absolutely amazing to me. It's right on the Green. Of course the village green isn't so green any more, is it?Here's a better picture of it. Wow.
The Village Green, the center of Houghton.
Think we should stop in to The Three Horseshoes for dessert? I'd like to, even if it's just to take photos of the interior.

And I definitely want to stop into the antique store!
We're heading out of the village now, but not without a look back to the Green. Oh, that's the clocktower in the center there. It was built in the 1800's.
Down The Thicket on our way out of the village.
Look at the beautiful gardens.
Now I can see why they call this road 'The Thicket.' I can just imagine what it was like when it was just a walking path, surrounded by trees and bushes.
The Manor house.
I never get tired of the thatched cottages.

Almost out of the village now. If I were to keep walking, The Thicket would lead me to St. Ives.

One last cool house and then we're going to call it a day.

Off to St. Ives if you continue in this direction, but I think I may go somewhere else tomorrow. There are so many cool places to walk around here. I don't think I'll ever grow tired of discovering them. Just wish I could walk them with Cherlyn and her boys!

That's all for now. Until tomorrow . . . I know I'm a few days behind. Bear with me. :o)

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LaurieAnna's Vintage Home said...

I love the houses in the photos....they look like barns! I love it! Thanks for sharing...great blog!

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