Jun 1, 2007

On Reaching 25 Years of Marriage - A Different Perspective

Today is our 25th wedding anniversary. I am 51 and Mike is 47 1/2. Cherlyn is 23 1/2, Katie is 22, India is 17. Our grandchildren, Emma and Bobby are 2 and almost 2.

When Mom and Dad celebrated their 25th on June 18, 1979, Mom was 45 1/2 and Dad was 44 1/2. Pat was 24, I was 23, Tim was 21, Beck was 20 and Ted was 17. The first grandchild wouldn't arrive for another 3 years.

When Grandma and Grandpa Mohler celebrated their 25th in September of 1957, Grandma had just turned 42 (I think) and Grandpa was 48. Mom was 23, almost 24 and Dad was 22, almost 23. Pat was 2 and I was 1.

When Grandma and Grandpa Sherman celebrated their 25th in 1946 (I think), Grandma was 47 1/2 and Grandpa was 56. Aunt Madelynne was 24, Uncle Bob was 22 and Dad was just 12. Uncle Bob had returned from the war just a year earlier and there weren't any grandchildren yet.

Of course, my dates could be mixed up on some of this, but this is, at the least, generally correct. My point? Absolutely none at all . . . just some thoughts that rolled through my head today.
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