Nov 6, 2010

Steps, Day 5

I walked to the Huntingdon Garden and Leisure Centre today! I started out where I left off yesterday and kept going the same way.

I'm not the only one out for a walk today. It's a small country. Everyone walks.

What a beautiful Fall day, huh?
Many of the homes over there have names. I thought this was an interesting one for this home. "The Hole?"
I'm looking back over my shoulder here to see what I've passed. It's all so beautiful.
And so we'll keep on walking. It shouldn't be too much farther now.
Should I stop in at the pub? Maybe for another pint and some dessert?
I love the signs for the pubs. Those and the names! They're so distinctive.

This is a really pretty house up here on the left.
Look at these beautiful houses. We think that we have such old, cool buildings and we have nothing. We can't compare to what they have there.
So would you take the white house or the pretty one with the wisteria? I think I'd take the cream colored one . . . wish I could see the inside!
Looking back.
Yes, it'd have to be the wisteria one for me. It just looks like it has so much character.
I'm not sure what this building is, but it sure is pretty. Love the wall, too.
Well, it's decision time. Should I continue on this road or should I take the Old Houghton Road here to the right? Let's try Old Houghton Road.
It's pretty down here. No houses.

Oops. Dead end. I know that this walking path goes through because I checked it on the map. But, let's go back the other way anyway.
Here's where the walking path comes out. Just wanted to zip ahead and take a look on the map. Back to the road now.
More pretty houses. I need to find a walk with more to see, don't I?
Looking across the field, I can see where the path is.

Ok, off the path and off the road and I'm definitely closer to Huntingdon Garden and Leisure. I LOVE that store!! They have EVERYTHING there! Another roundabout to get me onto the right road again.
The sun is out and the skies are beautiful. What a beautiful walk.
This is the Huntingdon Road we're on. Huntingdon is in one direction and Houghton Wytton is in another. I'll walk there after I'm done here.

Did I misplace a photo? Or maybe the other one was in the wrong place? Doesn't matter. This is where the footpath comes out.
Does it freak you out seeing cars coming at you from the "wrong" direction? It sure did for Mike. I never drove while we were there. I was concerned I'd be worse than him. :o)
Oh, I'm so close!
I love the thatched roofs with the patterns cut into them. I would love to see someone putting a thatch roof onto a house. What a cool job that would be!

We're here! We're here! We're here! Huntingdon Garden and Leisure Centre! Gifts, food, art, restaurant, books, toys, clothing, pets, kids' play area, garden nursery, everything! Check out their most recent sales flier. I would probably go there at least once a week if I lived there. It's a good thing I don't live there. :o)
After several hours in the store, and many pounds less in my pocket, I'm off again. Actually, I had lunch and Starbucks coffee there, too. Could a store be any better?
This is where I'm going to stop. I'll pick up in just a bit and then we'll head into Houghton Wytton. I think that's the name of the village. I'll wait for you to catch up to me.
What a spectacular day!

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