Nov 25, 2010


I posted this last year and I really don't think I can top it.  At least not in the time I would need.  I'm blessed.  Two that I definitely have to add, though, would be the two additions to the family.  India married Cory Brigger in August and they have a baby due in late February.  Yes, we're very blessed.

I'm a blessed person. Truly I am. I have a lot to be thankful for. I'm thankful for Cherlyn and for the fact that she calls me just about every morning. I can't really think of a better way to start my day. I'm thankful for the smile I hear in her voice and for her turkey gobble call. I'm thankful for telephones that enable me to talk to people I love. I'm thankful that I can talk, that I have the gift of speech. I'm thankful that I'm able to express myself fairly well through the written word. I'm no Ernest Hemingway, but I get along. I'm thankful for the little books I've written over the years and, more than that, for the people or incidents that inspired those little books. I think of them even now and smile. I'm thankful for smiles. Smiles from babies, smiles from friends, smiles from strangers. A smile is a wonderful way to help your spirit. It makes the giver and the givee both feel good. I'm thankful for that cup of coffee I have every morning and for the people who work hard to get it to me. I'm thankful that I have the option of buying coffee that was grown by people who were paid fairly and who didn't have to destroy their land to grow it. I'm thankful for coffee with Katie, for when she asks me to grab her some when I'm in Ukiah and bring it to her work. I'm thankful that I have her to bring things to. I'm thankful for Katie's help around the house; for doing the dishes and cleaning the kitchen without me ever having to ask her to do those things. I'm thankful for Katie's personality and the fact that she's found a job she likes and that it's given another thing for her to share with Michael. I'm thankful for Emma and for Katie letting them live here with us so that we can help. I'm thankful for the way Emma comforts anyone who's hurting and for her tender heart. I'm thankful for her unconditional love and for the way she yells, "Grandma!" when she comes into the house after being gone, even if it's just for a little while. I'm thankful for India and that she's found her niche. I'm thankful for her school and for the fact that she loves it. I'm thankful that she's found a place to live with people who are willing to open their home to her. I'm thankful for her caring heart and her comfort during sad times. I'm so thankful for my mom and dad. Without them, I wouldn't be who I am and I wouldn't BE at all. I'm thankful for the way they opened our home to our friends and let everyone gather there to hang out. I'm thankful for the example they give me every day of people who are not lazy or slothful but ones who are good stewards of everything God's given them. I'm thankful for my mom's love for my dad and how she does things for him and takes care of him because she loves him. I'm thankful for all the times she's talked to me and for all of the advice and help she's given me. I'm thankful for her example of a good wife and mom. I'm thankful for my dad's love of my mom, for the way he's taking care of her. I'm thankful for his devotion to her for so many years. I'm thankful for all the work that he's done and how he's taught me, by example, how to try to fix things. I'm thankful for both of their love for Mike and for teaching me how to do without, how to make do with what I have, and how to be happy even if you don't have a lot of things. I'm thankful for Pat, Tim, Beck and Ted. They are the best brothers and sisters I could ever hope for. I'm thankful for Pat and the way she serves others so selflessly, without expecting any recognition. I'm thankful for her example. I'm thankful that she was with me all through school, from kindergarten through graduation. I'm thankful for Tim's giggle. Thinking of it makes me smile. I'm thankful for the hard work he does in helping Mom and Dad and everything he's done to make their lives easier or more comfortable. I'm thankful for Beck and how she takes Mom out to lunch or to run errands. I'm thankful for her sense of humor and for her tender heart towards others. I'm thankful for Ted and for his devotion to his family. I'm thankful for the way he embraced Orthodoxy and has now taught his family to love it. I'm thankful that he's able, and chooses, to take his family with him when he teaches. I'm thankful that my brothers and sisters are also my friends. I'm thankful for my many friends over the years. I'm thankful for my oldest friends; Ev, Scott, Kit, Kevin, Neal, Bob, Bob, Patty, Ann, Linda, Carol, Nicki, Debbie, and more. They helped me grow up and gave me some great experiences while doing it. I'm thankful for newer old friends; Coleen, Sherri, Kris, Les, Mary, Eva, Tracey, Jeanne, Kristi, Karen, and more. They helped me through difficult times and provided me with laughs and entertainment. I'm thankful for newer friends and the promise of new memories to make, new laughs to have. I'm thankful for WPD. I'm thankful that Mike's helped it to become the agency that it is. I'm thankful for Michael. I'm thankful for his sense of humor, even if I don't always get it or think it's funny. I'm thankful for the way he helps people and how he cares. I'm thankful for the saving of lives he's done and that he's been kept safe. I'm thankful for our years together and for the good stories we have. I'm thankful that he's worked at being married. I'm thankful that he likes to travel and is a good traveling companion. I'm thankful that he does the dishes and helps me. I'm thankful that he knows how to fix things. I'm thankful for the example he's been to our daughters and others. I'm thankful that he's such a good grandpa and that he's learned over the years how to be a good dad. I'm thankful that he cares. I'm thankful that in the most challenging of times during our marriage, he's risen to the challenges and been an inspiration and a leader for the family. I'm thankful for a good husband.

I can't believe I left them out! Lastly, I'm thankful for Emma, Bobby and Michael. They are the most recent blessings to our family and they are dear. I'm thankful for being a Grandma. I'm thankful, more thankful than I could ever express, for these dear, sweet little human beings who love me so unconditionally. They're better than puppies! I'm thankful for Cherlyn's husband, Rob. I'm thankful that he loves Cherlyn and the boys. I'm thankful that he gave up his leave to come over here so that the entire family could spend Mike's 50th together.

There's so much more that I'm thankful for. My challenge is to live my life expressing that thanks and appreciation. So thank you, Lord. Thank you for everything you've given me.

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