Nov 5, 2010

Steps, Day 4

Today's walk is going to take us through the heart of Huntingdon. The town was chartered by King John in 1205. It's a nice town and just about 10-15 minutes from Cherlyn and Rob's.

We're continuing from where we left off yesterday, outside of Great Stukeley. We're still on Ermine Street and will take that into Huntingdon.

We're just coming into Huntingdon now. There's a roundabout up ahead. Hey, look what's up ahead! It's one of my favorite Huntingdon stores! We go up the road a bit . . .

Through another roundabout . . .
And it's right here on the left . . .
Dunelm Mill! They have just about everything here and they have great prices. It's all houseware type stuff. We did a bunch of shopping there the last time we visited.
So past Dunelm Mill and then through another roundabout and we're almost to the centre of town. See how I spelled "centre?" :o)
Ah, some more great stores. Homebase is kind of like Home Depot except I think it's more furnishings. They have a fantastic Laura Ashley department. I really wished that I had more $$ when we were there.
Getting more into town now. I try to keep my eyes open because I really enjoy taking photos of cool doors and windows. Many of these houses are really, really old. Oh my goodness. I just looked at some more Huntingdon information and the town was first recorded as a Saxon town in a charter in 650AD.
We'll be going underneath the rail tracks ahead. The train station is a mile or so away. We caught the train in Huntingdon a couple of times. The night we went to Phantom of the Opera, we took the train from Huntingdon into the St. Pancras/Kings Cross Stations.

The roads are not very wide.
And you'll see that many, many buildings have their front doors RIGHT on the street. You take a step or two from your door and you want to make sure you don't step too far into the street.

I took several photos of this house with the black door, although I think that the door was yellow when we were there.
Green door and an old building.
We're on Ring Road now. This is a road that encircles the very center of town. The River Ouse is at the opposite side of where we are now. If we'd turned right, we would've gone towards the High Street. High Street bisects the circle created by Ring Road.

This is a beautiful park here on the right. If the photos in googlemaps had allowed it, I would've walked through the park, rather than on the road!
We're coming up on another major shopping center. Sainsbury's is along the lines of our Safeway or some other major grocery store.
You can see Sainsbury's on the right through these trees. If you walk towards Sainsbury's and then go left on the walk instead of going into the store, you will walk into a town center. An old town center. All Saints Church is in there as is an Oliver Cromwell building and a bunch of shopping in a walking "mall." Starbucks is even there! You can see some of the photos of the Huntingdon Market Place here.

I'm looking back from whence I just came.

If you were to follow the Ring Road to the right, you would go past The Old Bridge Hotel. We had dinner here one night. Fantastic desserts and very, very good waitpersons. You can see the hotel here. It's on the far right, with the ivy all over the building.
We're not taking the road to the right, but you can look in that direction and see the river.
I'm going to continue on with my walk past the river, park and marina now.
If I was really there, I'd stop in here for a pint and maybe some fish and chips. :o) I LOVE fish and chips.
There really are some beautiful houses here. The other thing we noticed is that almost every house has some sort of garden.
Their churches are also beautiful. I saw this little one on the way, but didn't see at it all when we were driving around. Next time I'd like to go inside.
These row houses are all over the place. They don't call them that. I don't remember at the moment what they're called.
Again, the doors are right on the street. I don't know how old these buildings are, but I think they're not exactly young.
Just an example of some of the homes around here. This place is very walker-friendly.
This is our stopping point for today. I'll pick up tomorrow where I left off.
I'm looking back to where I've already walked. More tomorrow.

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