Oct 24, 2012


My puppy is 9 1/2 months old!

October in Oregon

I was up in Oregon a couple of weeks ago, visiting my folk, sisters, niece, daughter and grandsons.

One of the days we took a drive up towards St. Paul to take some photos of growing trees.

These are trees in a nursery in the area.  Their colors really were beautiful.

On the way home, I stopped along the coast in Humboldt County to take some photos.

This is one of my favorite photo sites there.

I haven't had much of an inclination to write much in the last six months or so.  There are some health issues going on with my mom so I've been trying to get up there more.  It's still not as much as I'd like, but it's more than it has been.  I'll TRY to be better.

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