Feb 22, 2011


A dear friend went Home today.  Rest in our Savior's arms, Cheryl.  I love you.

Feb 18, 2011

Counting My Blessings Giveaway

One of these days I'll actually have some time to get on here and write something but, for now at least, this will have to suffice.  It's quiet here as the husband has gone to bed and the granddaughter is asleep in the next room.  I have a few moments to myself to look over some old blogs and discover new ones.  This one's a new one to me and I think I'm really going to enjoy her.  She's doing a cool giveaway so check it out.  You might like her, too.

I'm HOPING HOPING HOPING that my middle daughter will finish her moving out this weekend so I can tame some of this chaos.  Next weekend is the baby shower for my youngest and her 4 week premature daughter and the weekend after is a "sissies weekend" with my sisters up in Oregon to see my folks.  Things are moving along, but very slowly.

Feb 12, 2011

I'm . . .

A Grandma again!! Hallie Rae was born on February 2 to my youngest and her husband. Photos to follow because things are busy because . . .

We're empty nesters again!! Middle daughter and granddaughter moved out at the same time resulting in my house being in a total state of chaos.

At some time in the future, things will be "normal" again. For now, I'm plodding along trying to organize, rearrange and not forget all those wonderful ideas that keep popping up and then disappearing before I can write them down. Yes, that will be one of my changes. Must get paper next to wherever I am.
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