About Me

Hi. I'm Melodee (Mel to my family and my oldest friends); Wife, Mom, Grandma

I'm a Photographer, Artist, and Creator-of-stuff-that-I-think-is-cool. I like to fix my computer (total Mac diehard from the beginning) making me a total geek. I'm a tad (HA!) on the ADD side and somewhat (HA! again) domestically challenged. Sometimes it's hard to tell where the messes end and the projects begin. I write when I'm able to carve time out for myself.

I LOVE decorating my house when the mood strikes me, making my house look homey and changing my furniture around a lot. My husband thinks I do it to maim him because sometimes he works nights and comes home in the dark and may, perhaps, trip on things I've moved while he was gone. I swear, it's not on purpose. I get bored easily with things staying the same.

I adore traveling with my favorite companion of 31 years, my husband. We've been to Korea, Okinawa, England, France, Italy, Mexico and more than half of the United States. In addition, I've been to mainland Japan and Sweden. I miss England and ache for it as if it were my home.

I treasure moments with my grandchildren sitting in my lap while I rock them or read to them, the spark I feel when something I see begs me to photograph it, the feeling I get when I know a photo I took is just right, my husband grabbing at me because he thinks I'm still hot (even though I'm at least 20 pounds overweight).  I love to watch my dad watch over my mom, knowing how he's giving back to her everything she's given to the whole family over the last almost 60 years.  I enjoy being with my four brothers and sisters and all of our families, laughing until we cry, and watching my three daughters laugh together because I know that they really do love each other.

I started this blog as an outlet for writing. When I can do it, it's still that, but it's also a place for me to let the world know how we're doing. I'd also like it to be more of a place where I can upload old graphics that I've scanned from the plethora of old books I have and make those available to others. 

When I have time . . .

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