Nov 4, 2010

Steps, Day 3, Ermine Street

I'm going to walk from Little Stukeley to Great Stukeley today, via Ermine Street. Ermine Street is an old Roman Road that ran from London to Lincoln and York. It's also known as the Old North Road and it even has it's own society, The Ermine Street Guard. They do reenactments and demonstrations, much like Civil War buffs do in the south. Anyway, I'll pick up where I left off yesterday, in Little Stukeley.

Getting towards the end of Little Stukeley is the Alconbury Baptist Church. It's pretty close to the base.
Of course, just about every base I've ever been to has a static aircraft display. RAF Alconbury is no exception.
Hello, Main Gate! We came through here every morning when we'd take Michael to his day care.
Base housing here seems to be decent. I have no idea what it's like inside the houses.
Nothing but fields and fields.
And fields and more fields. There are walking paths all over the place. I did some reading on them and many of them are paths from Roman times.
Hedgerows. Did you ever read about hedgerows? Well now you can. They were used very strategically during the World Wars. If you set your machine gun up in a corner, you could mow down whoever happened your way. That, of course, is just one use for them. There are other, nicer uses.

I thought I'd stop here and just take a quick 360 degree look around me.
Off to my left.
This is where I came from.
Lots of fields that are a beautiful yellow in the spring from all the rapeseed, aka canola, and some other names.
And then back facing towards Great Stukeley again.
Just about to the village.
The Stukeley Country Hotel. This is a beautiful old building and it's pink!
It looks much prettier from the front. It's pretty typical of an old pub/inn, appearance-wise. I don't think I saw a single ratty one when we were there.
More cool houses.
It's the Elderly People crossing.

I'm just about out of Great Stukeley now. This barn caught my eye. It's pretty old and it has a cool deely-bobber (can't remember what those things are called . . . wind-something) on the top of it and . . .
There's an advertisement for a guy who does thatching on the side of it. Just don't see those around here.

Check out the lorry!
More of those pretty hedgerows.
I'm out of Great Stukeley and still on Ermine Street. This street goes into Huntingdon, which is where I'll head next. I think I'd like to go to the Huntingdon Garden and Leisure Centre. It's still probably 4 or 5 miles away, but I should be able to get there in a couple of days.

In the meantime, I hope you enjoyed the little bit of England today. More steps tomorrow!

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