Nov 18, 2010


I love it! I love it! I love it! I redesigned my blog, updating the look and the title. I considered moving over to Wordpress, but I just don't have the quantity of posts and/or followers to make that move worthwhile. Blogger is really simple and simplicity is good.

I'm going to include some new categories starting now. I have many (less than 100, more than 20) old antique books, some with beautiful artwork therein (including a set of really nice 1924 encyclopaedias and a world atlas from 1902!). I've checked the copyright and they are now in the public domain. I also have a bunch (maybe 100) of postcards from the early 1900's, some with beautiful graphics. My intention is to scan these, as I have time (ha!), and make them available.

The new title has to do with a moniker given to me by older family members when I was a wee lass. (I love that term . . . laddie, too.) I was happy, cheerful, sunshiney, etc. Perhaps this will be a reminder to me to show that countenance more often. More childlike faith, love, cheerfulness and just plain gladness is in short supply these days. The graphic within the header is a placecard that my Dad made for one of our family dinners. He did one for each of us. I don't remember what the others' said, but I kept mine because it means a lot to me.

I would also like to include book reviews as a category, but I anticipate those not showing up as often. We'll see.

There will be a few more design changes as I have time, but I at least wanted to get this much up right now.

Until later!

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