Sep 10, 2007

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My favorite blog (other than Cherlyn's, of course), BabsRN, is taking a break. Apparently, a few idiots have taken the fun out of blogging for her. I will miss reading her. Because of a few comments, though, on her site, I checked out Night Lighting Woman and she, too, is interesting.

A strange dog was just here and then I heard you-know-who calling for, what appeared to me to sound like, a dog. Go figure. Dope grower with a big dog. And now I get to rant.

Author: Linda Staff Writer
Date: August 31, 2007
Publication: X News, The (CA)
A Sacramento man was arrested last week for the July armed robbery in X. X Bad guy, 26, was arrested August 20 in Sacramento on suspicion of committing the X robbery. Bad guy was brought to the X County jail on August 24 and was released August 28 on $150,000 bail. His preliminary hearing is scheduled for September 5.

The second suspect remains at-large.
According to the police, the July robbery involved two men from the Sacramento area who met with Arnold

That's just the beginning. The two Sacramento men met with two of our locals and, when price negotiations fell through on the weed they were buying, proceeded to rob them of said weed at gunpoint. Now here's the rub. We all know that two men (we'll call them victims) were robbed at gunpoint and that there are now two people in jail for robbing said two victims at gunpoint. We all know WHY two victims were being robbed at gunpoint and WHAT was taken from them. WHERE did said robbed weed come from you might ask? Well, one of the "victims" grows it. At his house. Next door to us. For "medicinal" purposes. Then you might find yourself asking, "What the hell? Medicinal purposes?!" You'd be with me at that point.

So WHY, WHY, WHY, I want to know is nothing being done about this alleged "medicinal" weed that one of the victims is obviously not growing for medicinal purposes? WHY, WHY, WHY is nothing being done about the illegal grow that is going on so that this "victim" can sell his weed to a couple of buyers who are then turning around and selling the weed to folks over in Sacramento? NOT for medicine. I thought our 215 laws were so that Joe Blow could grow his weed for his own medicinal purposes, NOT so that Joe Blow could SAY that he's growing it for medicinal purposes and then turn around and sell it to dopers.

I don't understand. I just don't. I'm tired of it. I'm tired of the smell. I'm tired of the fact that he grows next door to me. I'm tired of the smell more. I'm tired of the fact that because he grows next door to me, it opens me and my family up to the danger of a botched home invasion robbery. I feel like putting a sign out in front of my house that says, "No dope here. He lives next door." Why can't all the growers just go away.

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Barbara said...

Sounds like you should come to Georgia. The only legal medical marijuana is in pill form around here - they have planes flying overhead looking for the stuff all the time.

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