Sep 16, 2007


Will wonders never cease. Our local boys in beige (boys in beige?) paid a visit to the neighbor yesterday and carted him off to jail for his gardening activities. They also removed drying weed that was hanging in the master bedroom in the beautiful home, which he RENTS. Because of their visit there, they also visited the neighbor's sister where they carted off 50-100 POUNDS of weed, along with $17,000 in cash. She, meanwhile, ranted and raved because the deputies chose to do this in front of her children. Boohoo. Moron. She and her brother live in houses where they grow pot, subjecting the residents to the dangers inherent in such a lifestyle. The neighbor was already robbed at gunpoint when he was in the process of price negotiations for his product AND there have been a number of home invasion style robberies in the area of homes where people are growing. Dumb. Just plain dumb. Well, they both got to spend the night in jail, they lost their pot, they will probably lose their permission under the law to grow, and they lost their $17,000. Now if he would just move. Maybe the landlord will evict him. Doubtful in my mind, though, since the landlord already knew that he was growing. Perhaps he was benefiting from the arrangement.

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