Aug 30, 2007

So Emma and I are out in our driveway this morning and I hear a rustling to the right of me. This doe was about 20 feet away. I know it's 20 because I was standing next to a 16 foot fence. I stood and took a few pictures of her.

Then, who should appear but one of her young 'uns. Again, just about 20 feet from us.
They were content to eat and just keep an eye on us . . . just as we were watching them.
"Gimme some of that.!" "No, it's MINE!"

Just to let you see how close they were at their farthest. Emma was waving this stick around and hitting the lower branches of the tree I was standing next to. Bottom line, she wasn't been very quiet. Didn't seem to trouble the deer, though.

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