Aug 30, 2007


My nephew, Jon, just posted a very nice post about the family. He's the one who, without his knowledge, I believe, really encouraged me to start blogging. I would read what he would have to say and then my brain would be bubbling and brimming with the flotsam and jetsam which I like to call, "my thoughts." So thank you, Jon, for your inspiration. I've gotten to know you better through your writings in the last few months than I did in spending time with you (rarely) the last ten years. So here are a few pictures of Jon, his sister, Jessica (who also has a blog), and two of my daughters, Cherlyn (blog) and Katie.

Jessica is a month younger than Katie and they are still really good friends, only now, instead of playing on swingsets together, they go to bars (when they can) and drive around late at night, and stuff.

Our birthdays are April 8th and 9th so we usually try to celebrate them together in some way.

"The cousins," Jon, Katie, Jessica, Cherlyn
Jon and Cherlyn, just 4 months apart in age and great friends when they were little. Jon's older.

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Jon said...

it's weird seeing pictures of myself as a kid that i have never seen before.

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