Aug 25, 2007


You know, most people think of deer as those wonderful little Bambis that frolic through the woods and look so cute, wonderful and . . . natural. Me? They drive me up the wall! Not only have they been eating my garden for the last 13 years but lately they've taken to knocking down the fence around my chicken pen. Turns out they REALLY like egg layer crumbles. THIS time they knocked down an adjacent fence and gate along with the chickenyard fence. I spent the last hour and a half making a new gate, digging a hole for a new fence post, reattaching the wire, making a new entry for the yard and then reattaching the bamboo panels I have around one side of the chickenyard. Staple guns are wonderful little inventions. I used that because I have no idea where any of our nails would be. We have one doe in particular who seems to enjoy making this her nightly meal spot. I feel bad restricting her diet but . . . oh well. She's kind of funny. I saw her laying down (lying?) under a redwood tree yesterday. We were all outside doing things and she just stayed there and hung out. Usually they run at the slightest noise. Ah well, she must like us. (Or our layer crumbles!)

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