Jul 31, 2007

It was a two bath day

No, not for me. For Emma. She didn't get much of a nap today so that made her pretty cranky. That, in turn, made her wound up. That, in turn, made her somewhat excitable. First bath was this morning and it was all good until she was done. Then it was, "OUT! Bafroom out!" I guess she was done. Then we played and colored and did whatever until naptime. I'd had high hopes for actually doing something creative with my time like scrapbook stuff or journal stuff, but she had other plans. After just an hour she was up and trying to find me. Unfortunately, I stepped outside to put some much-needed correspondence in the mailbox and to check on the two fountains in the backyard (wanted to make sure the deer or raccoons hadn't made them empty the ponds) when I heard her yelling, "DEAR!" Where are you?! Where are you?! DEAR!?!" I hurried inside, telling her at the same time, "I'm right here, Emma. Dear's right here." She was a little freaked out. So, since I so heartlessly deserted her, she got back at me by not going back to sleep. We played a little, watched a little Veggie Tales and then I decided to try to get some work done in my room. We brought her little fold-out couch down here (I'm no dummy. I thought MAYBE I could get her to sleep again. HA!) and I put some Veggie Tales on and then I tried to work. Didn't work out very well. After scattering Cheerios and colored pencils (among other things) all over my floor, I decided it was bathtime again. Yay! She loves baths. We got her in there and got her all stocked up with a bunch of her animals and then she just played to her hearts' content until Mama got home. Whew. It was a tiring day.

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