May 29, 2012


So . . . remember back in January or February when my 96 year old Grandma was in palliative care in the hospital?  She'd fallen, shattering her shoulder and breaking her arm and, while in the hospital, was found to be suffering from congestive heart failure, with her heart only being about 12% effective.  Or something like that.  The doctor gathered the family up there together and they had a meeting and she told them that she wasn't God, but . . . that Grandma had days or weeks as opposed to months or years.  Guess what.  Grandma got out of the hospital and went home back in March.  She's doing great, for 96.  She's walking around, taking care of herself and generally hanging out.  The doctor was right.  She wasn't God.  Grandma's still ready to go, but apparently it's not time yet.  I love having my Grandma around!

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The Cream Puff Lady said...

First time reader - love your blog! I never knew my grandparents. My parents (who also are now gone) married relatively late, then had some health issues of their own, so I am always impressed with people who still not only have their grandparents, but their children have great grandparents. It's awesome! I was happy to see your grandma isn't quite ready to leave this world. She will know when the time is right. She sounds like a lovely lady (and so do you).

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