Aug 15, 2008

Pray for Little Michael

It's taken me a day to get to this because yesterday was pretty much a "just get through the day" kind of day. Michael stopped breathing and turned blue yesterday morning (Calif time). Was it really just yesterday? Anyway, they called an ambulance and took him to the ER, then admitted him so he's currently in ICU and should be there a couple of days or so. He's doing very well now, eating, crying, sleeping, being awake, and all the other normal stuff. Sounds like you wouldn't even know anything had happened to him by the way he's behaving now. He'd been having indigestion and was fussy before they took him in. Also, Bobby's had a bit of a cough. Cherlyn says Rob has been doing fun stuff with Bobby while she and Michael are at the hospital. As far as I know Cherlyn's the only one who reads this, but if anyone else does, please continue to pray for Michael. We'd like to know what happened and it'd be just wonderful if it was something minor.

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