Aug 15, 2008

Michael Update

Just talked to Cherlyn via iChat (thank you, Apple). She looks great and so does Michael. She says he's also acting great. They saw the pediatrician a little yesterday (remember, it's, or just finished being, morning there) and he told them that the cultures were downstairs in the lab and that nothing was growing yet. No idea yet what happened and it could end up being that way. There are several theories including, bacterial infection, apnea episode, acid reflux, and I'm not sure what else. The pediatrician explained that infants aren't able to "compartmentalize" illnesses the way we are. That means that if we have a problem with our lungs, it pretty much keeps to the lungs. With infants, it goes everywhere because their immune systems aren't up to snuff yet. The fact that he's a couple of weeks early could also have an effect on his immune system. The very earliest they would be released would be their Sunday afternoon but not to be at all surprised if it's longer. Rob is spending time with Bobby and doing special things. He explained to him that Michael was sick so Mommy's taking care of him in the hospital. Cherlyn says they're all doing better. They just want to know what happened. Cherlyn was awestruck at how far away, and spread out, the prayers have come from and they are both so appreciative. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

Here are a few photos from our chat.

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