Feb 25, 2012

A Glimpse Into My Journal

This is my most recent journal/keepbook/inspiration book. It starts in January, 2007. I don't write in it nearly often enough, which is why I'm still in the same one 5 years later. This is a plain brown craft-type paper ringed blank book. It's about 9x12 so it's big enough for magazine pages. That's because I like to go through my favorite magazines, calendars, books, etc. and cut things out that speak to me. Then I put them in my journals. I go back all the time and look at old ideas for inspiration. This is the cover.

I have a trunk that Mike built for me for my 35th birthday. I realized I could set it on its' front and take the top off. Then I put the all of the audio/visual stuff inside on a couple of old fruit crates. I still have to make doors for it. I think I'm going to make them from some old knotty pine moulding from our old house and then use chicken wire rather than glass.
Mike and I visited Cherlyn in Okinawa in October of 2007. We're at the botanical gardens here, where they had a GREAT play area.
I LOVE this craft room setup. I'm just not organized enough to be able to pull it together . . . yet. I'm working on it.
These are some wonderful sayings/thoughts/bits of wisdom.

I wrote a little book for my sister and her kids. These are some of my drawings for the illustrations. No, it isn't completed yet. The words are and the contextual drawings are. I just haven't put the two together yet.
Can you tell I'm a pretty visual person. It's the way I remind myself of things.
From wayyyyy early in this blog. Emma is nearly 7 now.
I'm married to an unsung hero.
I have my own collection of old suitcases and always keep my eyes open for more. They're great for storing old letters, journals, negatives, etc.
I want to do this but haven't yet.
This is pretty cool. I have a lot of old buttons. It would be a fun project for the grandkids.
I love this. My Grandma and Uncle have something similar that they put together in their garden.
I got this little poem from a woman who used to live in our town. She was the "town grandma." Rest in peace, Grandma Mavis.


*Goddess* said...

Wow, I just love your journal! I am so locked into the idea that a journal has to be my written word...which is why I have so many half filled journals! But this is a fabulous idea..thanks!. BTW, I love the cover..very creative;)

Melodee said...

Wow. Thank you very much. I appreciate your comment. :o)

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