Jan 13, 2011


Purging, cleaning, straightening, organizing; it can be really rewarding, but, at the same time, tiring.  I started tackling our bedroom today.  It needs to be presentable for the inspector for when we finally get the permit to have it.  That's a good thing since it's been there for 14 years.  Our bedroom is huge so I moved a big bookcase today to partition it off somewhat.  Tomorrow, I'll try to go through the stuff that belongs in the shelves and make it look better than it does now.  Unfortunately, what it ends up looking like and what I envision in my head rarely ever match.  Maybe someday.

Some to-do's for tomorrow:

Cards in month folders
upload photos from camera
switch big desk with tall bookcase (BIG job, LOTS of stuff in both)
pay bills
vacuum living room
put covers on chairs and couch
figure out what to put in which storage areas
put the rest of the Christmas stuff in the attic
start posting photos on the blog
get photos transferred to Aperture Library (since we're talking 100,000+ photos, this is another big job)

Off to bed so I can get a fresh start tomorrow.

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