Dec 1, 2008

The Shack

I started (and finished in a couple of days) this book a couple of weeks ago and picked it up again last night to read the last two-third's again. It is heavy. Very heavy. Mind-boggling heavy. And I LOVE it. Thanks, Dad, for recommending it. I will post my comments on it after I finish it again. I need to get some things on paper, I think, to grasp even more of its' wisdom.


Barbara said...

Ah. The Shack. Did you hear the other side?

99% pure, 1% sewer, I ain't drinkin'.

Barbara said...

Might I suggest this absolutely beautiful, wonderful, biblical piece,Clothed in Christ.

Short clip from the very beginning of it here

Downloadable from here

So many beautiful truths, rather than extrabiblical imaginations, all from the word of the almighty and wonderful God. A bruised reed He will not break off; a smoldering wick He will not put out.

Grace and peace to you :)

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