Nov 13, 2007

Been waaayy too long

It's been way too long since I've been able to post anything. After my last post, I was getting ready for our two week sojourn to Okinawa, then we were in Okinawa for two weeks, then we got home and I had to get all of my photos ready for the November Art Show at the Art Center, then I had to get ready to shoot Katie's best friend's wedding (photography talk :0)), then the wedding, and the next day we left for Oregon to visit my mom and dad. That's where I am now. We only have a short two days here but already they've been eventful.

We had a great dinner last night with acorn squash casserole (not sure if that's really what it is, but I made it so I'll call it that), beans and hamhocks and corn bread. Mike didn't feel very well after dinner (the house was really hot) so he went and laid down. Turns out he was sweating profusely, had pain in his left side up into his jaw, indigestion, and pressure in his chest. So a quick call to to 911 and a not so quick visit to the Stayton ER and we were back home three hours later with instructions for him to see his primary doc for a stress test as soon as we get home. He wasn't all that crazy about us calling 911 but it was better to be safe and conservative. There are too many horror stories out there about all the people who don't call 911 because they figure it's just indigestion or whatever and then they end up dying. I'd rather be one of the other stories about the cautious people who go ahead and go in and find out it's not a heart attack. I'll be interested to hear what his doc has to say.

Hopefully things will be a little slower for me when we get home. I want to relax and not have to do anything so I can just enjoy this wonderful season. I have blogs to read that I haven't had a chance to, books to read, writing to write, fudge to make :0) and just inside stuff I want to get done. Plus I have about 45,000 photos I need to sift through and delete bad ones. That's a huge job.

Life is good.

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